Learn, Share, Connect - Indigenous Guardians Webinar Series

Learn, Share, Connect - Indigenous Guardian Webinar Series


The TST is pleased to begin our 2020 series of online workshops, Learn, Share, Connect - Indigenous Guardians Webinar Series. As everyone adjusts to COVID-19, we remain available to support Indigenous Guardians, programs, and the staff who support Guardians.

Upcoming Webinars:

May 27th, 2020 - Overcoming Challenges: Indigenous Guardian Responses to COVID-19

June 2020 - Indigenous Guardians Field Safety [date TBD]

July 2020 - Indigenous Guardians and Youth [date TBD]

August 2020 - Indigenous Guardian Toolkit Tour [date TBD]


Webinars will feature a different workshop topic to support and strengthen Indigenous Guardians programs across Canada. Sometimes guest speakers will share their expertise on the topic, plus we will share tools and resources that are available to you, make time for questions and discussion, and provide the chance for Indigenous Guardian programs to learn from, and share experiences with each other.

We are excited about this opportunity to connect with programs across the country, and learn together to create resilient and successful Guardian Programs.

See below for a description of upcoming discussions and webinars. We will send out monthly reminders with more details about each month’s webinar, including updated date and time, and guest speakers. 

This Month's Webinar:

Overcoming Challenges: Indigenous Guardian Responses to COVID-19

May 27th, 2020 - 10:30-12:00 PST

Following up on a discussion on May 1st, the TST is hosting a second conversation about how Guardian programs are finding solutions to the challenges they are encountering from COVID-19. This webinar will give you the opportunity to talk with Guardian programs across Canada about strategies related to community food security, maintaining Guardian operations, changes to funding, and how Guardians can support community safety and wellness. 

Sign Up: Register in advance for this webinar here. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Upcoming Webinars:

June 2020 - Indigenous Guardian Field Safety

[date and time TBD]

A key priority for many Indigenous Guardian programs is to keep people safe – Guardians, other community members, and visitors. Guardian program activities have inherent risks with Guardians often working in isolated or remote locations far from emergency response or medical personnel. Join us to hear about how different programs have systems in place to keep Guardians safe; discuss ideas and approaches to implementing safety policies and emergency procedures in your Guardian program.

July 2020 - Involving Youth in Indigenous Guardian Programs

[date and time TBD]

Involving youth in Guardian Programs is a great way for youth to gain practical experience on lands and waters, build leadership skills, and connect with their culture and community. While the focus of this discussion will adapt to the latest situation in terms of COVID-19, finding ways to safely involve youth in Guardian Programs is still a priority for many communities in the long term. Listen to different programs talk about their successes and challenges in involving youth in their Guardian Programs and have a chance to brainstorm ways to engage (and fund) youth involvement in your Guardian Programs activities both in the summer and year-round.

August 2020 – Interactive Tour of the Indigenous Guardian Toolkit

[date and time TBD]

Find out about all the stories, tips, and resources that are available on the Toolkit. Indigenous Guardians from across the country have chosen to share their insights, lessons learned, and sample documents that you can adapt for your own Guardian programs. The Toolkit also includes ideas, tips, and worksheets to help strengthen your Guardian program, and overcome challenges. This interactive webinar will include an introduction to the members of the Technical Support Team, a “tour” of the toolkit and its contents, and an interactive session where you can practice using the Toolkit to address your own interests, with online guidance from our team to help you.

Previous Webinars

May 1st 2020 - Talking Together: Indigenous Guardian Responses to COVID-19

A summary of the main challenges, opportunities and solutions discussed during the May 1st webinar can be found here. 

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Overcoming Challenges: Indigenous Guardian Responses to COVID-19

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