Learn, Share, Connect - Indigenous Guardians Webinar Series

Learn, Share, Connect - Indigenous Guardian Webinar Series


Fall/Winter Webinar Series

Join us this fall and winter for a series of webinars! Designed specifically to support Indigenous Guardians and those who work with them, each webinar will feature a different topic in response to questions from Guardians across Canada. Webinars will feature guest speakers who share their expertise on the topic, plus we will share tools and resources that are available to you.

Our webinars are interactive, with time for questions and small group discussions, providing the chance for Indigenous Guardians to learn from, and share experiences with each other.We are excited by this opportunity to connect Indigenous Guardian across the country, so that people can learn directly from each other to create resilient and successful Guardian Programs.

See below for a description of upcoming webinars. We will send out monthly reminders with more details about each month’s webinar, including updated date and time, and information about guest speakers.

March 23rd, 10:00am-12:00pm PST - Data! Tools and Information Management for Indigenous Guardians

Date: March 23rd, 10:00am - 12:00pm PST

Registration: Register here for the webinar. Zoom meeting information will be sent to you upon registration

What should our Guardians record in the field, and how? How can we efficiently store that information, and find it again later? Is it helping our leaders make and influence high level decisions? Indigenous Guardians create data when they record observations, in the community, or on the land or water. Used well, data can be a powerful force for Indigenous nations. Yet decisions about what data to gather, how to do so, and how to store or manage it, are some of the most common and pressing questions for Guardians! In this webinar participants will hear about various data management tools Guardian programs use, including the applications and technology Guardians use in the field. We will also discuss how Guardians and stewardship staff decide what data to collect, and use that information to support strong decisions and negotiations by Indigenous leaders.


Previous Webinars

February 23rd 2021 - Indigenous Guardians and Research Partnerships

A recording of the February Webinar - Indigenous Guardians and Research Partnerships can be found here. In this webinar we hear from Desiree Lawson and Madeleine McGreer from the Central Coast Indigenous Resource Alliance (CCIRA) about how research helps Central Coast First Nations exercise power and influence in resource management, and from Rosie Child about a new guide developed by Kitasoo/Xai'ais Nation: "Information Stewardship with Applied Research".

January 26th 2021 - Stories from Indigenous Guardian Programs

We started off 2021 with a relaxed webinar focused on hearing stories from Guardian Programs across Canada. We wanted to thank each of our participants for sharing some of their highlights from 2020. This webinar was not recorded.  

December 8th 2020 - Indigenous Moose Monitoring and Stewardship - Part 2

A recording of the second Indigenous Guardians Moose Monitoring and Stewardship webinar is available here. In this webinar we hear from Clifford Paul, the Moose Management Coordinator with Unama'ki Institute of Natural Resources, about his experience building a Mi'kmaq led moose management plan for the Cape Breton Highlands. The TST also walks through some new resources developed by Nature United to support Indigenous moose monitoring and management. 

November 24th 2020 - Training for Indigenous Guardians

A recording of this webinar is available here. In this webinar Dana Holtby from the Coastal Stewardship Network presents about the lessons they learned about designing and delivering training through their Stewardship Technician Training Program, and the TST walks through some of the training resources on the Toolkit. 

October 20th 2020 – Indigenous Moose Monitoring and Stewardship Part 1

A recording of the Indigenous Moose Monitoring and Stewardship webinar (Part 1) can be found here. In this webinar you will hear from lead Gitanyow Guardian Jimmy Morgan, Dr. Jesse Popp, an Indigenous Canada Research Chair working with community partners to study moose populations, and other Indigenous communities across Canada as they discuss different questions and resources related to moose monitoring and stewardship. 

August 19th 2020 - Introduction to the Indigenous Guardian Toolkit

A video recording of our August webinar can be found here. During this webinar we take you on a guided tour of the tips, resources, and stories available on the Indigenous Guardians Toolkit. Indigenous Guardians from across the country have chosen to share insights, lessons learned, and sample documents that you can adapt for your own Guardian program, as well as ideas, tips, and worksheets to help develop and strengthen your Guardian program.

July 28th 2020 - Involving Youth in Indigenous Guardian Programs

A video recording of our July webinar can be found here. During this webinar we heard from Zahra Remtulla (On the Lands Coordinator for Nature United), Vernon Brown (SEAS and Outdoor Program Coordinator, Kitasoo/Xai’xais First Nation), and representatives from the Misipawistik Cree Nation Guardian program. These guest speakers shared tips and insights about how they engage youth in their Indigenous Guardian Programs.  

June 24th 2020 Indigenous Guardian Field Safety

A video recording of our June webinar on Indigenous Guardian Field Safety can be found here. During this webinar we were joined by guest speakers Patricia Nash (Manager, Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas) and Keith Christmas (Manager for the Guardian Program) from Unama’ki Institute for Natural Resources, Dana Holtby (Training Coordinator) from Coastal Stewardship Network, and Ernie Tallio (Guardian Watchmen Manager) from Nuxalk Nation, and Kevin Koch (Fish and Wildlife Biologist) from Gitanyow Lax'yip Guardians.

May 27th 2020 Overcoming Challenges: Indigenous Guardian Responses to COVID-19

A summary of the solutions and work-arounds Indigenous Guardian programs are using and creating to face the challenges created by COVID-19 can be found here

May 1st 2020 - Talking Together: Indigenous Guardian Responses to COVID-19

A summary of the main challenges, opportunities and solutions discussed during the May 1st webinar can be found here. 

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Webinar Notes - Talking Together: Indigenous Guardian Responses to COVID-19

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Notes from Overcoming Challenges: Indigenous Guardian Responses to COVID-19 Webinar