Fort Folly First Nation

Things we are monitoring

Monitoring (Atlantic salmon, American eel, wood turtle, Striped bass, Atlantic sturgeon and other migratory fish), data collection and management; research; education and outreach; youth engagement; restoration work; working with other Nations; working with government; working with research institutions.

About our program

We began a freshwater habitat stewardship program in 1993 that developed into the Fort Folly Habitat Recovery program in 2002.  The program is focused on recovery efforts for endangered inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon, and we work in partnership with DFO and Parks Canada.  We have grown to play an essential role in salmon recovery in four NB watersheds and leading efforts on the Petitcodiac River in the heart of Fort Folly's traditional territory.  We are hoping to expand our operations to include patrols of the land and water and to build relationships with local non-indigenous community to improve stewardship.

Contact us

88 Bernard Trail
Dorchester, NB
E4K 3V5


Wendy Epworth
[email protected]