Metis Sovereign Nation

Things we are monitoring
  • Monitoring water quality during resource extraction
  • Wildlife
  • Timber and non - timber forest products
  • Gaining Cabin Building experience
  • Utilizing non-merchantable timber 

Below is a video created by Metis Sovereign Nation highlighting forestry management techniques that they support on Indigenous Territory/Land.

About our program

Metis Sovereign Nation Economic Development - By recognizing our role as caretakers of Mother Earth and the value of our traditional knowledge, we provide guidance, leadership, and work in partnership with Government and Industry.

  • To achieve environmentally sustainable development and biodiversity, so that future generations can live a traditional way of life on our traditional land.
  • To engage and work with Ministry of Forest, Lands and Natural Resource Operations to Select Harvest dead pine (bug killed) trees, providing firewood for Metis Sovereign Nation, BC Parks, conversing with trap line holders, utilizing non-merchantable timber, and creating new growth for wildlife.
  • To help build housing and trapline cabins for Metis Sovereign Nation and First Nations Communities in the Treaty 8 area.  
Contact us

Contact names
Devon Bowden 

[email protected]

Phone number

Mailing address
8404 90th Avenue 
Fort Saint John, BC V1J 6M3