Miawpukek First Nation

Things we are monitoring

We are monitoring forestry, traditional lands, species at risk, salmon, rivers, wildlife, fishery, caribou, song birds, bats, migratory birds, trap grounds and other fur bearing animals, forest (BFL) Boreal Felt Lichen, pine marten, wetlands and human activities on the land.

About our program

Our program deals with all the naturals resources within our Miawpukek traditional lands and beyond. We educate the youth and the community of the importance of our culture and of the land in preserving it for generations to come. The Natural Resources Aboriginal Guardian program started in the early 1990's. It employs ten seasonal workers and two full time employees. We are designated under the Fishery Act by the Minster as Aboriginal Fishery Guardians to carry out enforcement on the Aquatic and the Wildlife Acts.

Contact us

Miawpukek First Nation - Aboriginal Fisheries Guardians
10 Main Street
Conne River NL


Gregory Jeddore
[email protected]