Mikisew Cree First Nation

Things we are monitoring
  • Monitoring - terrestrial, aquatic, at risk wildlife monitoring (yellow rail, muskrats, prey fish)
  • Climate change monitoring, research
  • Water quality monitoring, research
  • Contaminated sites monitoring, research
  • Hunting and harvesting monitoring, research
  • Resource extraction monitoring, research
  • Data Collection and data management,
  • Cultural activities, education and outreach, community and youth engagement and outreach
  • Implementing plans and policies
  • Emergency response / public safety
  • Collaborating with other Nations or organizations, working with public resource agencies, research or academic institutions.
About our program

The Mikisew Cree First Nation Community Based Monitoring Program started in 2008. It is currently conducting monitoring weekly on a year-round basis, looking at water quality and quantity as well as winter and climate change variables. We use a combined Indigenous knowledge and western science approach. We use our monitoring data to advocate for our treaty and Aboriginal rights.


Contact us

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Fort McMurray, Alberta

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Ben Sey

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1 780-714-6500