Tahltan Central Government

Things we are monitoring

Our current priority for our guardian program is around wildlife:

  • Management
  • Harvest data collection
  • Wildlife health and habitat
  • Enforcement and compliance
  • Traditional knowledge
  • Communication and engagement with license and First Nation hunters

We are looking to expand our initiatives around more land and water monitoring, industry, environment, animal studies and research.

About our program

The Tahltan Guardian Program Started up in the fall of 2016, due to concerns around wildlife in our territory. Mainly decrease in animal populations and increase in resident hunters. We started to expand it a little more with others and on-the-ground initiatives around environment, industry, and other concerns that were brought forward. The Key Priority was to get out on the land and make a presence. Regulation enforcement wasn't good enough, no "On-the-Ground" data was being collected, and we just needed to be out there to see for ourselves what is really going on. The first year went well. We learned a lot about how big our territory is and some of the activities that are taken place. Showing our presence out there and collecting data to better wildlife management was the focus and to learn how we can adapt our program to best suit our territory. Being out on the land showed us what we need to keep an eye on it, and to better educate the general public and Tahltan members on other initiatives out there.


Contact us

Deacon Street PO Box 69
Dease Lake, BC
V0J 1L0

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-250-771-3274