Tataskweyak Cree Nation

Things we are monitoring

The TCN Guardians will be the eyes, surveyors and caretakers of the Land drawing on both TEK and western science knowledge. The top three issues to address are enable the empowerment of TCN to manage lands according to its Cree ancestral traditional laws and values, ensure the protection for the ecological integrity of land, waters, and species from further disturbance through monitoring and intervention and improve TCN‘s members connection to traditional ways by fostering inter generational relationships, preserving cultural sites and traditions and increasing Cree language in the community.

About our program

The TCN Guardians will enhance our Community and Youth programs, monitor and protect our Lands and fully participate in the process of making our Territory an indigenous protected area. Upholding and enforcing traditional laws passed down from our Cree elders for countless of generations, the guardians will fulfill TCN’s inherent obligation to protect our Lands and waters.

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Lynda Kitchekeesik, Land Stewardship Manager

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 204-307-0351


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Traditional Resource Stewardship Centre
Tataskweyak Cree Nation
Split Lake MB R0B1P0