Tlowitsis First Nation

Things we are monitoring

The Tlowitsis Guardians do patrols of the traditional territories by boat and truck, carrying out environmental and cultural monitoring and research.  The Tlowitsis Guardians are involved in the conservation/protection of cultural, economic, and ecological values throughout the Nation’s traditional territory, including monitoring salmon runs, shellfish and crustacean sampling, public outreach and education, fish and fish habitat monitoring at Port Neville, and large cultural cedar site monitoring to ensure protection.

About our program

The Tlowitsis First Nation’s traditional territories span the coastal area of Northern Vancouver Island, Johnstone Strait and adjacent mainland inlets. The Tlowitsis Nation has eleven small isolated and remote reserves, and its 450 registered members live mostly in or near Campbell River. Tlowitsis have always maintained a presence throughout our territory, including Turnour Island. The Tlowitsis Guardians maintain visual presence in the territory. The program allows our Nation to continue our ancestral stewardship responsibility for our territory and provide meaningful employment and training for our members.

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Contact name

Sherry Thomas, Band Manager



[email protected]

Phone number

 250-923-7815Toll Free 1-866-838-1708



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1345 Bute Crescent
Campbell River BC V9H 1G6