Wei Wai Kum First Nation

Things we are monitoring

The Wei Wai Kum Guardians monitor the impacts of resource use on the health of priority ecological and cultural values and monitor, report and/or enforce violations to existing Band policies as well as provincial and federal regulations.

About our program

The ancestral territory of the Wei Wai Kum First Nation (Campbell River First Nation) extends from the headwaters of Loughborough Inlet north of Campbell River to the Tsable River in the south, inland to central Vancouver Island through to the middle of the Strait of Georgia. The Wei Wai Kum Guardian program supports the implementation of the Wei Wai Kum marine and terrestrial vision of the territory and is an important contribution to the ongoing stewardship of our lands, waters and resources. This program provides the means to train our people, provide information and awareness to the community and to visitors, to protect the places of our ancestors, monitor ongoing uses, and research the current state of our territory so that we can make decisions that are in the best interests of the community and the environment.

Wei Wai Kum Guardians provide a presence throughout the territory through their patrols, act as the eyes and the ears on the water and land, and participate in monitoring and protection of marine and terrestrial resources and habitats within the Wei Wai Kum traditional territory.  Wei Wai Kum Guardians act as ambassadors for the territory, interacting with visitors, resource-users and other agencies/organizations that are active in the area.

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Jodi Boyd, Band Manager


[email protected]

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Toll free 1-877-286-6949


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1650 Old Spit Road
Campbell River BC V9W 3E8