Indigenous Guardians & the Case for Investment: Findings from Coastal First Nations Report

Indigenous Guardians are providing immense benefits to their communities and beyond. How do Guardians and their teams highlight the unique value they bring not only to their community but to the public? See how CFN documented the contributions of Coastal Guardian Watchmen to the broader public, industry, provincial and federal governments at this TST webinar.

The TST was joined by guest speaker Aroha Miller from Coastal First Nations – Great Bear Initiative (CFN) who shared her experience as Program Manager of the Coastal Stewardship Network and highlighted key insights from the report Coastal Guardian Watchmen: Stewarding The Coast for All, a Case for Investment. The benefits of Guardian programs are well understood from the perspective of communities. However, as we know, the benefits of Guardians extend well beyond individual Indigenous Nations/communities. This report systematically investigates and chronicles the contributions of Guardians that result in benefits to the general public, industry, provincial and federal governments and others.

Hosted by Nature United’s Indigenous Guardians Technical Support Team (TST), this webinar included a discussion around how Indigenous Guardians are contributing to public knowledge and understanding around environmental stewardship.

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Tuesday April 4th, 2023

Are you an Indigenous Guardian, Guardian team member or Indigenous community member looking to start a Guardian program? This event is for you!

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Coastal Guardian Watchmen: A Case for Investment

The research presented in this report responded to the question: Is there a Case for Investment in Coastal Guardian Watchmen programs – specifically from the perspective of the general public and other government agencies? The findings chronicle the many contributions and benefits of Coastal Guardian Watchmen, lending insight into this driving question.

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Valuing Coastal Guardian Watchmen Programs: A Business Case

This business case analysis of Coastal Guardian Watchmen programs was conducted by EPI International and commissioned by Coastal First Nation Great Bear Initiative and TNC Canada. The report examines the net value of program costs and benefits from the perspective of the First Nations that have these programs.