Educating Resource Users About Indigenous Laws

In some places, guardians are playing a role in ensuring that Indigenous laws related to lands and resources are understood and followed by visitors to their territory. Having pamphlets and information on Indigenous laws that guardians can hand out and share with visitors can be very helpful.  

The Gitanyow in northern BC has worked with its hereditary leaders to articulate a comprehensive set of Gitanyow laws, regulations and maps about the moose hunt on Gitanyow lands. Gitanyow Guardians work to educate hunters about these laws, monitor hunt activity, and when necessary, take action to enforce the laws. 

Meanwhile, Indigenous guardians from the Heiltsuk, Kitasoo/Xai’Xais, Nuxalk, and Wuikinuxv Nations on the BC Central Coast work to communicate crab closures to fishers that are based on Indigenous laws. Together with education and compliance efforts, the active enforcement of the crab closure by Indigenous guardians has had a positive impact on crab populations in the areas of concern. Find out more about the approach and outcomes of the Central Coast Nations work on using Indigenous laws to manage the crab fishery