Ni Hat’ni Dene Guardians

Things we are monitoring

The Ni Hat’ni Dene Guardians undertake many activities to steward Thaidene Nëné. These include:

  • Environmental monitoring – caribou harvest, caribou populations, water monitoring and fish sampling
  • Educate individuals on Łutsël K’é harvesting laws
  • maintain the integrity of cultural sites and the natural beauty within Thaidene Nëné
  • monitor and document visitor activity, cultural features, and environmental/wildlife values
  • transmit cultural and scientific knowledge to younger generations

The guardians spend prolonged periods of time out on the land, monitoring environmental changes, interacting with visitors and maintain cultural sites.

About our program

The Ni Hat’ni Dene Guardians are the stewards of Thaidene Nëné — the watchers of the land. They assert Łutsël K’é Dene First Nation's Indigenous rights and authority in Thaidene Nëné through their presence and activities on the land and water. Ni Hat’ni Dene crews practice a traditional subsistence lifestyle, maintaining the integrity of cultural sites, conducting environmental monitoring, and interacting with visitors to Thaidene Nëné.

Since 2008, we have run the Ni hat’ni Dene Program at important traditional sites within Thaidene Nëné — Kache (Reliance), the heart of Thaidene Nëné; Kaldele (Talthelei Narrows); and Pekanatui Point: the gateways to Thaidene Nëné. With the creation of the Thaidene Nëné protected area, the Ni Ha’ni Dene Guardians responsibilities have expanded to include full time monitoring and stewardship of the land.

Contact us

Program Contact:

Prairie Desjarlais

Ni Hat Ni Coordinator

867-370-3820 EXT 1005

Thaidene Nene Contact:

Iris Catholique

Thaidene Nene Manager

867-370-3820 EXT 1004