Share and Connect with Other Guardian Programs

The TST strives to facilitate peer connections, helping Indigenous Guardians connect and learn from each other. Check out some ways the Indigenous Guardians are sharing knowledge and uplifting each other below. 

Add yourself to the map

The Indigenous Guardians Map is a way for communities with Guardian programs to share about their program and learn about other Guardian programs. We hope this map is a way to encourage knowledge sharing between new and established programs. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to add your program to the Indigenous Guardians map!

Indigenous Guardians Map

Add yourself to the map

Contribute a resource

The Indigenous Guardians Toolkit features resources contributed by Guardian programs, as well as original content created by the TST and partnering organizations. Sharing a resource on the Toolkit will enable Guardian programs across Canada to access vital information towards strengthening their program and can help others learn about the important work other programs are doing!

Contribute a resource

Read about Indigenous Guardians and Indigenous Guardian programs

Learn more about Indigenous Guardians and the work they are doing in the field through on our Stories page. Have a story you'd like to share? Contact us here

Guardian Story Compilation Photo

Join our Facebook Group

Hosted by the Indigenous Guardians Technical Support Team, Indigenous Guardians Across Canada is a virtual space for Indigenous Guardians and Indigenous Guardian program management to share and discuss their work, access resources, and learn about upcoming events and opportunities. 

Indigenous Guardians Across Canada Facebook Group