Indigenous Guardians and IPCAs Part 2

This summer the Indigenous Guardians Technical Support Team (TST) and Conservation through Reconciliation Partnership (CRP) co-hosted Indigenous Guardians and IPCAs. The feedback was clear, Indigenous Guardians want more!

On December 5th we hosted Indigenous Guardians and IPCAs Part 2 where we took a deeper dive into the resources and tools available to Guardians and their teams to support their vision for Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs). Co-hosts Justine Townsend from the The IISAAK OLAM Foundation provided a tour of the new IPCA Knowledge Basket. The TST also provided a first look at the new resource from the Indigenous Guardians Toolkit called “Indigenous Guardians in IPCAs” designed for Indigenous Guardians, managers, and practitioners to support their work in IPCAs.

Guardians also had a chance to connect with other Guardians across Canada and learn more about their roles in establishing, supporting and advancing IPCAs.

Who was this event for?

Indigenous Guardians and their teams as well as Indigenous stewardship practitioners working on IPCAs.