Learning Opportunities for Indigenous Guardians

In this section you will find different learning opportunities for Indigenous Guardians, facilitated by the TST. 

Navigating Conversations in the Field: Tactical Communications 

CheckPointThe Indigenous Guardians Technical Support Team has hosted and recorded two online learning opportunities covering tactical communication techniques to help Guardians navigate difficult conversations while supporting their Nations work on COVID-19 and beyond. These learning opportunities were led by Owen Hargrove, an instructor at Vancouver Island University in the Resource Management program. Owen used his on-the-ground experience from previous work as an enforcement officer to provide a variety of communication tools and techniques for Indigenous Guardians in the field.

 Introductory Powerpoint Presentation on Tactical Communications

These 3 short slide shows include audio with each slide, as Owen outlines the basics of Tactical Communication techniques.

Tactical Communications Part 1: Introductory Overview  and Tactical Communications

View a recording of the first webinar here. The first part of this learning opportunity is an introduction to basic tactical communication techniques and dealing with resistance. It includes an opportunity to practice introducing yourself to a member of the public.

Tactical Communications Part 2: Dealing with Conflict and Resistance

View a recording of the second webinar here. The second part of this learning opportunity covers 10 techniques for dealing with conflict, and provides an opportunity to role play more complex conflict based scenarios.

If you have any questions about these learning opportunities, please do not hesitate to reach out

Online Training Resources

As in-person training opportunities are cancelled, many Guardian programs are looking for ways to continue to provide training opportunities. The following link is an initial list of courses, webinars, talks, videos, short articles, infographics related to Guardian work. These resources have been compiled with the assistance of the Coastal Stewardship Network and the Indigenous Guardians Technical Support Team. We have not vetted the courses or resources listed below and cannot comment on the quality of their programming. If there are other online learning opportunities for Indigenous Guardians that you are aware of that could be added to this list, please contact us.

Potential Online Training Resources for Indigenous Guardians during COVID-19


Navigating Conversations in the Field: Tactical Communications