What are some examples of youth engagement programs?

Indigenous Guardian programs and communities across Canada are developing innovative ways to engage and support youth in stewardship programming.

If you are interested in creating opportunities for youth in your community, you could build a youth component into your Guardian program or stewardship development (e.g., through a summer internship opportunity) or liaise with another community entity (e.g., school, health centre, or non-profit organization) to create opportunities for youth to learn on the land and water about your territory and culture.

On-the-land programs connect Indigenous youth to territory, culture, and community; support them to develop leadership skills and confidence; and help them cultivate a sense of pride in who they are and where they come from. These programs can also introduce Indigenous youth to the idea of stewardship and Guardian work as a career path and prepare them to become the next decision-makers in their communities.

See the links below for some examples of youth engagement programs.

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