Recording of February Webinar - Indigenous Guardians and Research Partnerships

A recording of the February Webinar - Indigenous Guardians and Research Partnerships can be found here. In this webinar we hear from Desiree Lawson and Madeleine McGreer from the Central Coast Indigenous Resource Alliance (CCIRA) about how research helps Central Coast First Nations exercise power and influence in resource management, and from Rosie Child about a new guide developed by Kitasoo/Xai'ais Nation: "Information Stewardship with Applied Research".

Resources Shared During February 23rd Webinar (Indigenous Guardians and Research Partnerships)

Kitasoo/Xai'xais Research Guide: The research guide shared by Rosie Child during the webinar. This guide was created to support researchers at all career stages and First Nation stewardship staff alike to engage in an equitably beneficial research process in support of conservation and stewardship initiatives.

Central Coast Resource Alliance (CCIRA) research on Dungeness Crab: The CCIRA website has various research articles and reports describing the crab research Desiree and Madeleine spoke about. This includes a published article on the research done in partnership with VIU, a report on some of the field work done by the Wuikinuxv Nation, and a published article on the benefits of the crab closure areas

Indigenou Climate Hub: Lucie Meunier-Doyon shared about the Indigenous climate hub,   platform developed by and for Indigenous Peoples in Canada, where you can find resources on climate change adaptation and monitoring, information on training and events, blog posts from other communities doing climate change related work