How can relationships with resource agencies be formalized?

Relationships with resource agencies may be formalized in higher level agreements (e.g. government-to-government agreements, treaty or settlement agreements, shared-decision making agreements, etc) or in operational plans and protocols related to stewardship and resource management (e.g. land use plans, wildlife management plans, park management plans, and species recovery plans). The Central Coast Indigenous Resource Alliance (CCIRA) has shared an "Information Sharing Agreement Template" to assist you in drafting an agreement for sharing information with Crown agencies.

The implementation of these plans may make explicit reference to the roles and responsibilities of Indigenous Guardians. Such formal agreements may also provide funding and other resources for Indigenous Guardian programs.

Look for opportunities to formalize relationships with agencies that recognize the roles and responsibilities of your guardians. This will build their recognition and legitimacy in the eyes of the community and public, give them the mandate, tools, and budgets they require to do their work, and build-in better and more transparent accountability for on-the-ground stewardship on your lands and waters. 

The Kaska Dena Council has dedicated resources to support joint initiatives with the BC Conservation Enforcement Officers, including setting up check points and conducting site visits in each region of the territory. You can read more about their approach in the link below.