What role do guardians play in community engagement and outreach?

One of the many roles guardians play is the frontline work of interacting with community members, the general public, visitors, and resource users.

Guardians are often highly visible when they are out conducting their work on the lands and waters, especially when in uniform or traveling in marked vehicles.

People may approach guardians with concerns and questions. It’s important for guardians to understand their important role as community ambassadors and educators, and ensure they have the training and tools they need to communicate effectively and respectfully with different audiences.

Support guardians to confidently step into their role working with the community and broader public by encouraging them to participate in community events.

Guardians may help support community activities such as food harvesting or redistribution, conduct outreach work with children and youth in schools, or establish working relationships with area operators, agency staff, etc. This will help your guardians communicate their value and role and will strengthen the community’s connection to and recognition of your Indigenous Guardian program.

“Strong ties with the community are strengthened through the monitor’s daily patrols. People are proud to share information with them. There is a high level of respect for the work they do.”

Environmental Manager, Carcross Tagish First Nation

“Strong ties with the community are strengthened through the monitor’s daily patrols..."