Building a Dehcho Stewardship Vision

“Developing a stewardship vision for the Dehcho took time and had to be done the Dehcho way,” explains Dahti Tsetso, Resource Management Coordinator, Dehcho First Nations. “We did the first workshop on the land, in the bush, and this helped create the right setting. We’d start each workshop by feeding the fire.

Saving Money While Reducing Guardian Program Risks

Confidence, trust, local knowledge and experience are key to being safe on coastal waters. When the Gwa'sala-'Nakwaxda'xw Nations (GNN) started their Guardian Watchman program they had one boat that was used for patrols and a water taxi service. In their first year on the water, they racked up close to $50,000 worth of damages and repairs.

Scenarios Help Indigenous Guardians Prepare for Eventualities and Reduce Risks 

You’ve just returned from being out on patrol when a community member approaches you to say there is a fisherman in trouble around the point. You know how quickly the weather turns because you just battled strong winds all the way home. The Coast Guard has been called but you know that by the time they reach the scene, the boat could be on the bottom of the ocean.

Educating Resource Users About Indigenous Laws

In some places, guardians are playing a role in ensuring that Indigenous laws related to lands and resources are understood and followed by visitors to their territory. Having pamphlets and information on Indigenous laws that guardians can hand out and share with visitors can be very helpful.